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Moisture System - divabycindy
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Moisture System

Regular price $35.00 USD
System includes:
  • Sulfate Free Moisture Shampoo (8 fl. oz.), Moisturizing Conditioner (8 fl. oz.), Leave-In Conditioner (8 fl. oz.), Super-Gro Hairdress (4 oz.)
  • Sulfate Free Moisture Shampoo is designed to give superior detangling and add moisture as it conditions all hair types.
  • Stimulating Conditioner enriched with panthenol & silicone especially designed to rebuild the moisture base; draws moisture to damaged areas to help prevent breakage, imparts a non-oily silky feel with a glossy sheen, detangles & improves hair comb-ability, and creates an invigorating & tingling sensation to the scalp.
  • The Diva by Cindy Super Gro hair dress included with this package is a truly therapeutic scalp formulation designed to stimulate hair growth and soothe a dry, itchy, flaky scalp.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ashshala Dotson
Natural Hair Types 4a and 4c

I don’t believe these products are suitable for moisture in natural hair.. It takes more moisture out than it replaces, as a result I noticed my hair and daughter hair feeling very dry much quicker than usual and harder. However immediately after applying the entire set, the hair itself does look cleaner and styles easier, I like the way it lays the hair down. I love the smell and texture of the product. Unfortunately, because of the drying, I just don’t think it is especially suitable for natural hair 4a and 4C. Also, thr website does not provide the ingredients, so I was left to discover the chloride and types of alcohol in products once they arrived..

Tracey T
Happy hair

Living in a desert part of the country this moisture shampoo and conditioner is change my dry and brittle hair. I’m pretty new to Diva by Cindy but I can say I say a change from my first wash. Thank you Cindy

Chassenie Smith
Highly recommend!!

Very good products, I washed my daughters hair with the moisture system and I can tell a huge difference after just one wash. I highly recommend this product.

Katrina Smith
A journey to save damaged hair.

Since the pandemic began, I decided I wanted to loc my hair and was doing fairly well...until I decided I didn’t want to start the journey anymore. As you can imagine, once I took my hair out it was completely dry. My ends were extremely brittle (dyed ends) and my strands felt like hay. After two washes, with my Diva by Cindy moisture system products, my hair is beginning to look and feel healthier than ever before. I will admit, at first, I felt the shampoo took a little moisture from my hair BUT the conditioner?????? I felt my hair become softer and and easier to handle as soon as I put it on my hair! The conditioner is my favorite product out of the four (the smell is also amazing <3 ). I am excited that I’ve found a product that works well for my 4c hair.

PS. The customer service I received from Ms. Cindy is TOP NOTCH. Her care for her customers convinced me to become a regular customer of her brand. She’s incredibly helpful and available for us if we have any questions. She forever has my support from here on out.

Monique Black

Awesome product, I use it on my 4 yr old natural hair we went from tears to this amazing product, no tears for my baby ❤