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Welcome to our Diva By Cindy Affiliate Program

Diva by Cindy designed products specifically formulated for the needs of any hair texture.

How it works

When you sign up for our affiliate program we provide you with a unique link to our online store for you to provide to you customers. This unique shopping URL can be pasted into your website, blog, email, newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, or any social media you use for marketing. When a user clicks on the Diva By Cindy link, they are brought directly to our online store. All sales are tracked and commissions are paid out based on your payout schedule. 

Why become a Diva By Cindy Affiliate?

It's free to join, easy to enroll, and simple to understand. We offer our affiliates a commission of 20% on any sale processed with your affiliate or partner code on our Online Store. Our products are excellent and are competitively priced and the process to signup is simple and easy and your customers will enjoy great, gorgeous, healthy hair and can signup for the DIVA Newsletter and Blog.

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