Q. How will Diva help my hair grow?

A. Using hair products with alcohol is the number one reason for hair breakage. Diva is a natural alcohol free hair care line which detangles, moisturizes and penetrates the hair shaft.


Q. How is Diva different and why is it better for my hair?

A. The Diva Relaxer is an aloe based relaxer. Aloe is soothing and moisturizing and used for healing purposes. Because of the presence of aloe, the application of the relaxer is a more comfortable process. It also moisturizes during the application. Apply the Diva Ultimate Treatment after rinsing the relaxer. The Ultimate Treatment closes and seals the cuticle/hair shaft and rearranges the broken bonds in the hair. It also brings the hair’s pH back down to its optimal level. After 2-3 minutes, rinse the hair and apply the DIVA Neutralizing Shampoo to ensure all traces of chemicals are thoroughly removed. This three step process results in healthier hair with body and bounce.


Q. I thought lye was bad and I used no-lye box relaxer, but my hair is hard, brittle and shedding. What can I do?

A. The box relaxer no-lye contains CaOH (calcium hydroxide) if you consider the effects calcium has on your bones and teeth it has the same effects on your hair (hard, dry and brittle). The sodium base brand such as Diva is actually better.


Q. I have thinning edges and thin spots, what can you recommend?

A. Our Stimulating Package contains stimulating shampoo, stimulating conditioner. Leave-in detangler and the super-gro. (They contain, peppermint menthol, horsetail and other natural ingredients). They promote blood circulation which promotes healthy hair growth.


Q. I have color treated hair. Can I use Diva?

A. Absolutely. Diva restores moisture to color treated hair.


Q. Can Diva be used on children?

A. Yes. All our products are ideal for children. We highly recommend the moisture shampoo and leave-in detangler to eliminate tangles and promote healthy, manageable hair. The shampoos don’t cause tearing.


Q. What about natural hair?

A. Because of its extreme detangling ability, Diva is highly recommended for natural hair.


Q. Who is Diva for?

A. For all who desire longer, healthier hair. For women who want beauty, excellence and elegance in their hair. For those of you who desire to be business owners and distributors. Diva stands for Divine, Inspired, Virtuous and Annointed!


Q. I'm experiencing shedding and breakage, what can I use for my extremely damaged hair? 

A. The Diva by Cindy Ultimate Treatment,  is a treatment which closes and seals the cuticle (hair shaft) it stops the shedding immediately! It contains: Aloe, yarrrow, balm mint ( otherwise know as the balm of Gilead), Hops and chamomile amongst other healing ingredients. It has a pH of 3 and it helps bring hair back to proper acid mantle pH. 

Q. I have thyroid disease and I am on thyroid medication. Will these products stop my hair from shedding?

A.  Yes. Diva by Cindy Stimulating Systems helps promote circulation to the scalp thereby increasing hair growth. The Leave in Detangler helps seal the hairs cuticle and minimizes( reduces shedding). 

Q.I have Hyptertension ( High Blood Pressure) and I am on Anti -hypertensive medication, my hair is thinning will Diva by Cindy help my hair? 

A. Yes it will, after using the Stimulating system . Use the Ultimate treatment once a month for extremely dry damaged hair. 

Q. I have cancer and after Chemotherapy treatment my hair fell out in clumps . My scalp is also sensitive what I use?

A. The Diva by Cindy moisture shampoo and conditioner is very mild and gentle and contain  ingredients such as rosemary and chamomile , follow shampoo and conditioner regime with the use of the Leave in Detangler and the Super Gro hair dress.

Q. I have left over shampoo at home and want to know if it's alright to use your products wit a different kind of product?

A. The Diva by Cindy in synergy with each other they work together to give the best or optimal results. 


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