Being a busy professional with ethnic hair (African American) I need hair care products that are effective yet simple to use. I have been using Cindy's products for several years. They keep my hair manageable and healthy and the shine is beautiful. They have a pleasant scent which is important to me in my line of work. I have spent lots of money on well-known hair care products that did not deliver results for me. Diva by Cindy products have been all around the world with me because they work!

Barnett, MD


"Let me start by saying DIVA shampoo and conditioners are wonderful with the tropical fragrance that lasts and stays on the hair for days as if you just shampooed your hair. The moisturizing shampoo moisturizes and cleanses the hair without drying the hair. The conditioner really conditions making the hair soft and so manageable that you can even use it on hair with a tight curl and the curls become so lose you can easily comb through without shedding or breaking. DIVA is also safe to use on children's hair. The product has no alcohol so it doesn't burn. This is a great line... you have to try it!. Guaranteed you'll love it!!"

Erica: Stylist


"I simply love Diva products! I have been searching for a line of products that would be moisturizing and light and Diva is the perfect match of great moisture and style. Plus the scent is great ... and that is a plus for someone like me that wears her hair natural in between salon appointments".

LaDawn Black: Author and Radio Personality


"After using Diva shampoo, conditioner, leave-in detangling conditioner and hair polisher; I can honestly say this is the first time I've done my hair at home and it looked like I just left the salon. In addition, there was dramatically less hair on the floor after blow drying!!!! Healthy hair is on the way. Thanks Cindy."

Lisa Tucker


"I just finished washing my hair. I love your product. Usually around this time, the 3rd going into my 4th week after getting a perm, my hair is very unmanageable. But amazingly, it was straight . . . I could comb my hair with ease with a fine-tooth comb!!! And best of all... my hair wasn't dull after I dried it. Thanks so much for letting me try your product!!!"

Widow: Owner of Widow's Webb, LLC


"Diva by Cindy: Wonderful product! I used Diva shampoo & conditioners on my daughter’s unrelaxed hair and the results were soft manageable hair with no tangles. I was able to blow-dry her hair without a struggle. I will use Diva shampoo conditioner again and would like to encourage you to as well."

Tracee Hamett: Intranet Administrator


"When I first introduced to Diva by Cindy products was when I came to the shop in December 2007. My hair was dull and thin around the edges. But now, it’s shiny, bouncy and so soft. The products are great. Thank you so much for all you’ve done and continue to do."

Darlene Platt: Client


"I love your products. I just received my second order from you on today. I love how your shampoo and conditioner really does detangle the hair. That is a plus for me. I want to thank you for the extras that you sent with my order. I was not expecting that and do appreciate it a whole lot. I wish that you continue to have much success with you business. You have really found something with these products!!!! Keep up the good work and thank you again."

Tammie Brown


"Let me first start by saying, I am truly a huge fan of the products and have come through a major hair crisis in which not only Diva Products were to my rescue but Cindy herself!!! If that's not dedication to her products I don't know what is. But she is also a kind soul that was willing to see me through.

Long story short, I took out a sew-in weave that was in for 5 weeks. After taking out the braids, I neglected to comb my hair before washing it. Boy did I learn....after washing my hair, it knotted entirely. It was as if I was trying to dread it up. My girlfriend Kia (a distributor for Diva products), came over and we were stumped. Thankfully when she called Cindy, Cindy said "bring her in and I will help you."

All I can say is "WOW." We used the detangling conditioner to soften the knots and what do you know?!?! Cindy was able to untangle the knots that I thought would have to be cut out. That conditioner softened it up which enabled her to separate my tangled hair.

It was truly unbelievable. I thought I would be forced to cut my hair!!! I am a huge fan of all the products. Especially with me going natural, Diva Products makes my hair feel soft and very manageable. It also adds a nice shine to my hair....I love the products so much, I use it for my baby girl's hair also.

Last but not least, not only did Cindy personally help with my dilemma but she also straightened and curled my hair. This made me feel even stronger about the products, because not only do the products work, but the person that created them has such a kind spirit and really cares about the end users of her products."

Iesha....Kia's girlfriend with the tangled hair :-)

 I was so excited when I found your product! I was diagnosed in 2012 with Hypothyroidism, after treatment it started to take a toll on my hair which led me to cutting all my hair off, the past 6 months my hair has been growing.. I want to thank you so much for creating something for people with deficiencies and understanding that that not all hair and bodies are the same. I will definitely be making more purchases of the hairdress since its such a reasonable price ,

JM ( New York)

Wow ! Amazing! Outstanding! Ms Cindy this detangler is wonderful. I used it on dry hair . I detangled out my week old rod set. It was easy . I have thick hair and this detangler made it easy to detangle my hair .

Sam M

It really works.Cindy is an annointed woman of God therefore the blessing is in the product.

Michelle S