How Beauty Supply Stores Can Offer Great Customer Service

How Beauty Supply Stores Can Offer Great Customer Service

As a Salon owner and former products junkie, I
have experience different views when it comes
to shopping in the beauty supply store. It is
great that there are many beauty supply stores all over the
country; however what exactly do customers look for?
From a customer’s point of view when it comes to
purchasing products in the beauty supply store, it can
be a very frustrating experience. There are thousands of
products to choose from, and the customer is usually
overwhelmed by the huge selection. It is important for
customers to have and receive full knowledge and understanding
of exactly what they need to purchase for their hair.
Beauty Supply Store Owners should hire helpful
Sales Associates to assist the client when it comes to purchasing
products. If the Sales Associate does not have an understanding, then it is best that they be
directed to a Stylist. Beauty Supply stores can partner with local Beauty Schools and possibly recruit
Student Stylists to work at their location.

Beauty Supply Stores should keep a directory of local salons in the area, that way customers have a reference
person when it comes to purchasing products. Many customers cannot afford a Salon service and prefer
a do it yourself method at home., and if Supply Store Owners and Sales Associates educate their clients as to what
products they need to use, it will make purchasing products easier at the Beauty Supply Stores.

Customers experience lack of customer service in Beauty Supply stores but not because the associates
are rude. The issue is a lack of knowledge of what needs to be recommended.

Professional products are highly recommended for a client because they ensure the results the client is looking
for healthy hair with a finished Salon look and feel. Establishing a rapport with the customer and product recommendations and education promote and establish trust between Store Owner and Customer. The wholesalers
should be able to provide seminars or education for the Distributors on how to educate the Consumer and increase
sales by partnering with manufacturers. Survey sheets can be provided to assess the customer experience and suggestions for improvement. Instead of giving clients store flyers with coupons. A letter to the Customer can be written on one side

(Dear Valued Client,
We are here to answer all your questions on hair care and
help enhance your shopping experience…)

The coupons and offers may be written on the other side. The difference with this approach is the client feels valued and appreciated and will purchase more items as a result.

Every customer who walks in the Beauty Supply Store should be able to find Professional Products or their equivalent, for at home maintenance. There cheaper will not always equate to a better buy for the clients.
Overall, Salon Owners, Stylists and Beauty Supply Stores should be working together in the Community.
Each one brings value to the table. The most important ingredient is our Consumer who depends on us
To provide them with their hair care needs. Let us find ways to ensure they have a great shopping experience.

“It takes years to gain a customer and seconds to lose one!!”

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Cindy Tawiah
Cindy Tawiah is C.E.O. of Diva by Cindy Hair Products and Diva by Cindy
Salon. After graduating college with a degree in Chemistry and working
as a nurse for years, Cindy finally followed her dream to make beauty
products for ethnic women. Diva by Cindy started in 2009 and it focuses
manufacturing products infused with Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) and no
alcohol, promoting healthy hair growth. Cindy strives to help prevent hair
breakage, reduce shedding, and stimulate the scalp. While her products
promote healthy hair growth, Cindy’s other projects promote helping
others in need. Diva by Cindy strives to “minister through hair care” by
providing support and help for women in tough situations. To learn more,
visit or
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