6 Steps to Goal Worthy Hair

6 Steps to Goal Worthy Hair

Don’t believe the myth that black hair can’t grow! Long hair is possible. It’s often stifled by breakage, due to dry, unhealthy hair.

Also due to a natural state, shrinkage can prevent seeing real growth until you’ve straightened or twisted out your hair.  

Whichever plight you may fall into, there are a variety of things you can do to grow long and stronger natural locs. Here are 6 tips to goal worthy hair.

Optimal Hair Health

Regardless of length, it is vital to have healthy hair from root to tip. However, to grow your hair at maximum potential, you need to ensure it’s health. We have included panthenol in our Stimulating Hair Growth System to help accomplish that because this powerful ingredient thickens tresses while moisturizing and speeding up growth, leaving hair silky and shiny to achieve and maintain maximum health.

Maintain Consistent Trims

This step may seem contradictory to hair growth, however cutting your hair every few months enhances hair growth. Trims help prevent the progression of split ends which make your hair more susceptible to breakage. Do not fear regular trims as they will help you reach your hair goals.

Condition Your Curls

Proper conditioning of hair is one of the most important things you can do for your hair. For natural hair, a conditioner assists in detangling and helps repair and restore strands after manipulation of your hair. In addition to your deep conditioner, we recommend using an enriched leave-in conditioner which serves as an additional protective barrier for your hair.

Scalp Massage

Healthy hair starts at your scalp. To ensure optimum health, you need to regularly remove excess residue. This consistent removal prevents clogging of your hair follicles. We recommend using a scalp scrub. Massage your scale once a month to boost circulation of blood flow to your roots.

Take Quality Vitamins & Supplements

What you put in your body ultimately affects your outer body. At Diva By Cindy, we provide a vitamin B boost of panthenol for the outside of your hair, but you also have to take care of your body from within. Be sure to eat healthy foods rich in Vitamins B & E, as well as incorporating foods that contain omega-fatty acids. Also add a good hair growth supplement such as biotin to your daily regimen.

Avoid Heat

Heat is the ultimate enemy to your hair. To give your hair the maximum potential of growth, you should avoid heat tools. We understand or utilize a quality heat protectant whenever you do use a flat iron, blow dryer, or curling iron. To achieve volume and extra definition, we recommend using protective styles that require little to no heat such as twist and braid outs.

Protect Your Hair With Satin

Friction can stunt the growth of your hair. Fabrics such as cotton and wool absorb moisture or are harsh on your hair. We recommend wrapping your hair nightly before bed with a satin cover or bonnet to keep your hair for protection and to maintain moisture.

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