How to stop hair loss using Diva By Cindy Super Gro Hairdress

It has been my observation that a lot of women who experience thinning hair and hair loss ultimately do the unthinkable. They choose  to put a wig or a hat over their heads to cover an hide what they would rather not deal with. They bury their hair. When the scalp is not exposed to ventilation or circulation there is anoxia ( lack of oxygen, especially around the hairline where there is constriction of the scalp from the hat and the wig. Both items( hat and wig) also rub and cause friction leading to worsening of the problem.

Solution: remove wigs, hats etc when you are home or indoors and gently massage your scalp to help promote circulation.  If you don't have enough time to massage your scalp apply the Diva by Cindy  Super Gro hairdress which help promote circulation to the scalp and increases hair growth by opening the hair follicles. If your scalp has sustained damage from chemicals and you have shiny spots then only apply to areas of sparse hair growth. Combine usuage of the Diva by Cindy stimulating shampoo and Diva by Cindy  stimulating deep conditioner with the Diva by Cindy Super Gro will guarantee great results.

The goal is to minimize wearing wigs, weaves and hats , by giving your scalp a chance to breath  and learning to love your hair by not put it to sleep or burying it permanently under wigs, weaves and hats. 

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