How to Care for Your Child's Hair

How to care for a black or biracial child's hair. An ethnic child's hair needs to be moisturized and detangled often; usually up until the age of two, their hair is soft and easy to manage.The products you use should be very gentle and provide a rich lather that will clean hair without any irritation to the skin.

I recommend using a shampoo made especially for moisture and to detangle (*wink wink*) ,that will make hair silky, soft, and manageable. In order to also prevent trauma and pain while combing or styling your child's hair make sure that you leave in a detangling conditioner. Section the hair in small parts (and ladies, don't forget to comb from the ends up!) . I don't recommend experimenting with relaxers or chemicals with children under the age of 12 (or until you feel they're mature enough). Doing so could cause irreparable damage to the hair.

"No lye relaxers" definitely contain lye in them. They are calcium hydroxide relaxers, which are sold over-the-counter the calcium deposits on the hair and cause the hair to become hard, dry, and brittle. Applying a relaxer because it has the words kiddie perm or has a child on the box is not the best option. It will do more harm over time, many a little black girl has experienced chemical burns from having chemicals applied to their hair at an early age.  

1) I d not reommend using any heavy oils or greases in a child's hair. Instead, use a moisturizing spray that will also make the hair easier to comb (The Diva by Cindy Leave in Detangler). 

2) I suggest using a light moisturizing hairdress on the scalp (Diva by Cindy Super Gro hairdress) 

3) Also, make sure short hair is not too tightly braided (the pull on the hair can cause traction or tension alopecia)


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