Hair loss, hair breakage, dry hair

Hair loss, hair breakage, dry hair

Hair loss is an issue of utmost concern for women of color everywhere, and it can be very scary. The average black woman will find that almost every female she knows young and old is dealing with The devastating problem of dry hair and breakage. There are the makers of cheap products who use the lowest level of raw materials available to make them. They are not concerned about the fact that their products don't work because they know the consumer will buy them.

in the marketplace high quality conditioners can be found. Many women purchase the lower quality products which are usually inexpensive and don't work. If your hair is damaged do not let anyone encourage you to cut your hair off because  it's damaged, unless there is no other course of action. You should  try a reconstructor which will seal the hairs cuticle and rearrange the protein or poly peptide bonds in the hair one recommendation is the Diva  by Cindy Ultimate treatment which was designed for this purpose. 

Conditioners containing concentrated levels of protein should always be rinsed thoroughly from the hair for at least five full minutes especially around the hairline and face.

Failure to rinse  protein conditioner from the hair will result in a straw like texture and breakage and damage to the hair. One should select the right conditioner for one's hair. For example if you are conditioning very porous hair(Color treated, hair that has a curl or relaxer and it, or hair that is very damaged) A very high quality protein conditioner should always be used to help rebuild and strengthen the hair. Heavy cream moisturizing conditioner should be avoided for this type of hair because they will only cause hair in this condition to become softer and heavier. They will leave the hair limp, and getting a set to hold curls will be difficult.

The use of a processing cap can also aid the conditioning process by infusing hair with much needed moisture. A great leave in conditioner such as the Diva By Cindy Leave in Detangler can also be used after hair is rinsed. Infused with b vitamins ( panthenol) this unique formula helps give dry brittle, shedding hair moisture and it is not to be rinsed out. It can also be used to rod set, roller set , twist and even blow dry hair. Hair breakage can also be treated by regular hair trims and avoidance of overuse of chemicals such as hair color, relaxers especially the kind in the box which contains calcium hydroxide. Avoid tension wearing styles, for prolonged periods and give hair moisture in the form of moisture retaining products.  

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