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How to Care for Your Child's Hair

How to care for a black or biracial child's hair. An ethnic child's hair needs to be moisturized and detangled often; usually up until the age of two, their hair is soft and easy to manage.The products you use should be very gentle and provide a rich lather that will clean hair without any irritation to the skin.

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What is Hair?

Hair is a slender, thin, thread-like fiber composed mostly of protein, also referred to as keratin. Hair can be found all over the body mainly on the scalp, armpits and other places. There are hundreds of thousands of hair strands growing all over the body. Trichology, The study of hair concerns itself with the papilla, bulb,follicle,root, and the hair shaft. The root of the hair is located beneath the surface if the skin.  Then there is the papilla, located at the bottom of the hair shaft and inside the bulb. The bulb is rounded and tear shaped. The bottom end...

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